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Bongshin Trading Co(BTC) is a member of Korea International Trade Association as an exporter specialized in patented high technology of products.
We are ready to provide the most high technology and reliable commodities in competitive price on schedule for our customers in the world.
Our main supplying item is air-purifier which is world’s first invention of air purification with water technology and no need to replace the filter.
Our air-purifier(AirMaster, ACE-30) won the Gold Medal in Air Purification Technology at the 40th International Exhibition of Inventions.
Please find the brief descriptions for our products and don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any more questions or inquiries.
We are ready to cooperate with you as a business partner for mutual benefit in the future.

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Bring the Nature to Home !

Air-Purifier (AirMaster, ACE-30) by water without consumable filter
(Patented item)

Model : Air Master, ACE-30

ACE-30 was born from expertise in air purification technology accumulated over time. Endless R&D,
through product test,together with passion to seek the best, led us to world’s first invention of air
purification with water technology and it’s domestic / international patent registration.
Europe came first to recognize the creativeness of this technology.



Descriptions Specifications Remarks
Model name & No Air Master, ACE-30 Patented
Air-Purification method By water(Eco filter)
(First invention in the world)
No need of consumable filter
Air flow volume Max 3,500cfm At the 3’d fan step
Functions Air-Purifier All of pollutants in air like as Smoke, Exhaust gas, Yellow dust, Fine dust and Chemical particles like as formaldehyde etc… Deoderization available
Humiditifier Humidity control by natural vaporizing method
No of fan speed 3 1/2/3 Steps
Anion density Min 8,000,000ea/Cm3  
Ozone No generated No harmful for health
Noise level About 40dB  
Application(Covering) Area 30 m2 Recommendable area
Power supply 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz Free Voltage
Power consumption 16 Watt Energy saving type
Water tank capacity 6 Liter  
Dimensions (mm) 350(W) x 270(D) x 475(H) Packing box size:
  440(W) x 355(D) x 535(H)
Net / Gross weight 12 Kg / 14.3 Kg  
Color Black Changeable on not less than
1,000 sets / order
Life of filter Semi-permanent No need to replace filter
Origin of product Republic of Korea  


● Air-Purifier + Humidifier : Dual use
● ACE-30 is world’s first air-purifier by water without consumable type of filter.
   (Air- purifier free of filter change ) : No need to replace the filter
● Passing of Ionizer, pollutants in the air such as fine dust and formaldehyde
   (chemical harmful materials) are ionized.
● Ionized pollutants are attached on water and 99.99% are washed away.
● Ozone is not generated (No harmful for health)
● Natual humidification by water particles is possible too (Ozone free).
● Neat and simple design is modern and luxurious for home decoration.
● Winning of the Gold Medal in Air Purification Technology at the 40th International Exhibition of
   Inventions in Geneva,Switzerland, Held in Palexpo Convention Center.

Clean and fresh air coming out from the AirMaster !

1. Air purification :
Removing 99.9% of harmful substances such as fine dust, formaldehyde, etc. by using the ECO filter
2. Aqua anion :
Room full of aqua anions coming out from the waterfall –
3. Natural humidification :
Maintaining proper indoor humidity by the natural evaporation humidification



     AirMaster structure

1.Fan :
Moist moisture particles containing anions are emitted by the fan.

2. ECO filter :
Ionized contaminants flow down sticking to water on the surface of ECO filter and only ionized fine moisture particles go up to the fan.

3. Ionizer (Anion generator) :
Contaminants in the air entered by the force of fan are ionized passing through the ionizer(Anion generator).

4. Water tank :
The water contained in the tank moves to the ECO filter.

     Comparison of Hepa filter and our ECO Filter

Other type filter(Hepa filter)
Dusts are adhered on HEPA filters.
Replacement cost of filter : Approx U$100-120/Year
Our ECO Filter :
No dust on the filter: washed away by water
No need of replacement of filter (Cost : Zero)



     Comparison of fine dust


     Human damage caused by polluted air

Eyes : Allergic conjunctivitis, pruritus
Nose : Respiratory diseases such as rhinitis, asthma, etc.
Skin : Eczema and dermatitis, allergens
Lung : Coughing and worsening asthma, various inflammation
Brain : Causing stroke, dementia
Throat : Respiratory tract inflammation and colds, flu
Heart : Arrhythmia, cardiac insufficiency, etc.

Please present our family with safe and clean air !

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